Friday, November 1, 2019

Sunday 3 November 2019

Maestà: Enthroned Virgin Mary with Child, angels, saints, and apostles in arcades (1308-1311) by Duccio di Buoninsegna (1255-1319). Tempera on panel.
Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Siena, Italy.


Sunday after All Saints
Ecclesiasticus 44:1-10, 13-14
Revelation 21:1-6
Matthew 5:1-12


Charles-Marie Widor (1844–1937)—Symphonie № 5 in F minor, Op. 42, № 1: I. Allegro vivace

Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548–1611)—Missa O quam gloriosum

Malcolm Boyle (1902–1976)—Anglican Chant: Psalm 149

Tomás Luis de Victoria—Motet O quam gloriosum

Charles-Marie Widor—Symphonie № 5 in F minor, Op. 42, № 1: V. Toccata


Welcome to S. Stephen’s – especially to our visitors and guests! We’re glad to have you with us. Please join us for Coffee Hour following the 8 am Mass in the Narthex and following the 10 a.m. Mass in the Great Hall upstairs. If you have any questions or special needs, please speak to one of the ushers, who will be glad to assist you.

Joining us with small children? – We are so glad you are here! Our Sunday School program and nursery are available throughout the program year, and the ushers would be happy to direct you.

Daylight Saving Time – ends this Sunday, 3 November, at 2 am. Please remember to set your clocks back one hour.

My S. Stephen’s Ministry: Modu JohnsonOne of my ministries here at S. Stephen’s is serving as lector. It gives me great pleasure to read scripture because I feel that scripture is central to our worship services and the basis from which the daily message comes. To stand at the front of the church at the podium and read the Bible is to stand in reverence in the house of the Lord and proclaim His word. I bring with me my training and nearly 33 years’ experience in education and passion for teaching and public speaking. I’ve been told that my voice is commanding and if this is so, my audience is drawn to the Word of God and my purpose would have been met. Serving as lector also gives me time to meditate and reflect on God’s word, something I may not otherwise set aside time to do. If you feel so inclined to serve in this important role to proclaim God’s Word, please reach out to Richard Noble or contact Modu Johnson after the 10 am Mass or via email at

Modu Johnson

Nominations for Vestry and Diocesan Convention delegates in 2020
The Nominations Committee will meet this Sunday, 3 November, to discuss recommendations to fill upcoming open positions. If you are interested in serving on the Vestry or as a delegate to the Diocesan Convention in November 2020, please speak to Alison Huff or contact her via email at

Christmas Eve Family Mass Participation – The Sunday School will present a Nativity play at the Family Mass at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, 24 December. Please let Modu Johnson ( know if your children would like to participate.

Daily Mass – Please consider joining Fr. Mead, Fr. Pearson, Fr. Locke or Fr. Sturni at a weekday Mass or for Morning, Noonday, and Evening Prayer; it might be good for you!

Sick and Shut-in Ministry – A recurring theme from our community forums has been the need to be better as a parish in keeping track of and attending to our members who are sick or shut-in. We can do better. If you are interested in assisting with this important ministry, please speak to Tom Bledsoe or Alison Huff in person or by email (,

Stewardship Program – If you have not yet done so, please prayerfully consider making your pledge of financial contributions to S. Stephen’s for 2020 by filling out a physical or online pledge card. Physical pledge cards may be found in the Narthex or obtained from an Usher. If you would like to make your pledge online instead, you can do so by visiting the Give page on the parish website. The goal is to receive most pledges by November 24th. S. Stephen’s is counting on your support and generosity in this period of transition.

The Parish Directory – and other useful resources are available on the church website in the “members’ area.” To enter, click on "Log In" in the upper right corner of the home page and follow the directions to apply for a user account. For reasons of privacy and security, only parishioners and known members of the congregation will receive access.

Unable to get to Mass or want to review a sermon? – Sunday sermons are now available on the parish website in text and audio — check it out! While you are at it, spend a few minutes listening to "Mead's Meanderings,” two minutes of pithy observations made each week by our interim rector about S. Stephen's.


Prayers have been requested for: Virginia, Richard, Beverly, Thomas, Maxcine, Ethel, Carl, Kade, Sherri, Norman, John, Shannah, Terri, Beth, Lynne, Gus, Harrington, Joan, Sandy, John, Phebe, Jack, Hunter, Richard, Ann, Sandy, Antonio, Emma, Olivia, Raphael, Kiersten, Katie, Beverly, Tom, Gail, Deborah, Tree, Bryan, Angela, Bobby, Beverly, Elizabeth, Carlos, Rhoda, William, Crystal, Roger, James, Christopher, and Geralyn.

Birthdays this week: Charles Rejto (Sunday 11/3), Albert Ferreira (Tuesday 11/5), and Leana Hooks (Saturday 11/9).

The faithful departed: Year’s Mind: Gilbert Jarvis (5 November 1999), Joseph James Bodell, Jr. (5 November 2006), June Littlefield (6 November 1983), Chester Arthur Files (9 November 1987), and Lillian A. Crumby (9 November 1997).

Anglican and Diocesan Cycles of Prayer – In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we are asked to pray for the Church of Bermuda (Extra-Provincial to the Archbishop of Canterbury): The Rt. Rev’d Nicholas Dill, Bishop of Bermuda; 
in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, for the people and clergy of All Saints', Providence and of All Saints', Pontiac and for fair and just elections.


Acolytes – MC R Noble, SD J Ihnen, Th J Starks, Cr G Benziger
Lector at 8 am – J Malone
Lector at 10 am – C Bledsoe
Ushers – Alison Huff and Patricia Barnes
Coffee Hour – Karl and Klara Benziger



Sunday 3 November
Evening Prayer with EMBR  5:30 pm (Lady Chapel)


Friday 8 November
Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) Meeting  4-11 pm (Great Hall)

Saturday 9 November
Epiphany Soup Kitchen  2:30 pm (Great Hall)


Sunday 3 November
Morning Prayer  8 am
Low Mass  8:10 am
Solemn Mass  10 am
Evening Prayer w/ EMBR  5:30 pm

Daily Office Lectionary: Proper 26, Year One
Daily Mass Lectionary: Proper 26

Monday 4 November
Charles Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan, 1584
Evening Prayer  5:30 pm
Low Mass  6 pm

Tuesday 5 November
Noonday Prayer  12 noon
Low Mass  12:10 pm

Wednesday 6 November
Leonard, Hermit, 6th century
William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher, 1944

Evening Prayer  5:30 pm
Low Mass  6 pm

Thursday 7 November
Willibrord of York, Bishop, Apostle of Frisia, 739
Noonday Prayer  12 noon
Low Mass  12:10 pm

Friday 8 November
Saints and Martyrs of the Anglican Communion
Noonday Prayer  12 noon
Low Mass  12:10 pm

Saturday 9 November
Margery Kempe, Mystic, c. 1440
Morning Prayer  9:30 am
Low Mass  10 am

Sunday 10 November
Morning Prayer  8 am
Low Mass  8:10 am
Solemn Requiem Mass  10 am
Evening Prayer w/ EMBR  5:30 pm


Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost, Year C (8 am)
Job 19:23-27a
2 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17
Luke 20:27-38

Remembrance Sunday (10 am)
Wisdom 3:1-9
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18